Smiley Blast


the main menu The Main Menu the devil smiley The Devil Smiley the high score menu The high score menu the machine gun weapon The machine gun weapon the plague weapon The plague weapon the chain explosion weapon The chain explosion weapon
A simple game where you shoot at smiley faces that bounce around on the screen. It`s the first bit of code I wrote that I felt was good enough to release.

This was my first project that wasn't a proof of concept for myself. I started it back in 2006 (roughly), and spent about an hour on it every month or so. The code isn't much to speak of as far as...anything, and it still isn't complete, but it works. It's important enough to my past that I preserve it here, whether it`s actually release worthy or not.

Left click to fire your weapon, right click to change your weapon.
It has high scores and a menu! whoa.

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Operating Systems
Should work anywhere with python, but only tested on windows.
Source Dependencies
  • python 2.5-2.6
  • pygame 1.7+
Lesser GPL
Bug tracking and comments
Email them to with subject 'comments and or bugs'

Release Log

Version Changes Source download Windows Exe
0.7 first release Source .tar.gz Windows .zip