Smiley Blast
Smiley Blast screenshot A simple game where you shoot at smiley faces that bounce around on the screen. It`s the first bit of code I wrote that I felt was good enough to release.
Tetris screenshot A simple clone of Tetris. It's a classic.


Random Password Generator
random password generator screenshot A nifty program which generates random passwords that resemble english. Writing down long passwords is very insecure, but trying to memorize 20 completely random characters is just about impossible. The passwords this program generates are pronouncable, but not actually words, which makes them quite easy to remember, but not (easily) guessable.


Faculty page for Dr. Cross
site screenshot A single page with the resume for an Illinois College faculty member. He wanted it very very simple, and that`s what I gave him.
(link goes right to the website)


Minisnake screenshot A game of snake in one python file. A tiny project that took me just 2 hours.